We have been working with St Michael and All Angels to bring back Posada this December. This tradition of hosting a figurine of Mary and Joseph for one night during Advent was very popular a couple of years ago in Bampton and we are delighted to be part of it again.

What is Posada?

Posada is an old Mexican tradition where young people dressed as Mary and Joseph travelled from house to house asking for a room for the night and telling people about the imminent arrival of Jesus in the weeks leading up to Christmas. On Christmas Eve they would visit the local church to re-enact the nativity and place figures of Mary and Joseph in a crib.

Modern day Posada uses nativity figures of Mary and Joseph who travel from place to place. This gives each ‘host’ the chance to create their own celebration in their home or place in the community, worshipping and reaching out to their communities with the real message of Christmas, making room for Jesus in their lives.

Our church, St Michael and All Angels has chosen to engage with Posada this year. Would you like to be a host to Mary and Joseph for a night?

Each family will receive a special sticker book and a story to read to each other. Your Mary and Joseph figurines might be nice in the window or the children may have other ideas about where they might want to stay the night!

What is involved?

We are running the rota as a club through School Gateway. All you need to do is find a day you’d like to have the Posada and book your child onto that club. There’s no cost but of course once one person has booked that fills that session! So if you can’t see a session it’s because it’s already taken! Mrs Haxell is very kindly co-ordinating this for us and will ensure Mary and Joseph get to the right people each day.

For the evening you ‘host’ Mary & Joseph you can choose to do whatever you like. There is a lovely story book that will explain a bit more about it which you will receive with the figurines.  You could take the opportunity to sing some carols or perhaps do some Christmas crafting. Just the simple act of being together as a family is enough.

Whatever you decide to do – take a picture of it! You can email them to bampton.sch@alumnismat.org and you can also post your picture on Facebook to the St Michael and All Angels Facebook page.


The next day you simply need to bring take Mary & Joseph back to school and Mrs Haxell will help find the next person.

We hope you enjoy Posada at this busy time of year – we’re sure Mary and Joseph will have a great time in Bampton.

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