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Chicks in Otter Class

It has been a very eggciting week in Otter Class with the arrival of our new chicks.

For 21 days we had got used to the chiming sounds of the eggs rotating during our lesson times. However, things started to get moving on Tuesday when the eggs began to wobble.

On Wednesday we started seeing holes appearing in the egg where the chicks were making their daring escape into the big wide world, well just Otter Class.

Thursday morning we came in to see 6 chicks had hatched over night! During the day we looked at the new chicks and discussed how they had developed inside the egg and how challenging it is for them to break out. The chicks just kept coming!! We had 2 more hatch before break, 2 before lunch and then the last 2 in the afternoon!

It has been a great experience for Otter Class to see the beginning of this life cycle and we are looking forward to holding and feeding them next week.

Feel free to have a look at our new addition to Otter Class next week.