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Latest Vacancies
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Your School Pool Needs You!!

We have the most fantastic facility here at Bampton School and we want to make the most of it for our children, but we need your help. 

We always try to use the pool every day, so that the children build on their confidence and swimming ability – we feel that it is a really important life skill!

Fox class have progressed amazingly in their weekly sessions at Tiverton Pool and we’ve invested in this to ensure our KS2 children get access to sessions like this in the future. It’s also meant we are able to take part in Swimming Galas and Aquathlons.

We would like all children to be using our pool in the same way every day.

For us to use our pool safely and to comply with Devon County Council regulations, we need at least two adults in the swimming pool enclosure as well as the teacher, to teach a whole class.

We already have qualified swimming teachers, however, during the day we also feel that it is important that we continue to run educational intervention programmes. With current budgeting constraints, we don’t always have the staff to do both.

It is difficult to run the pool in the way we want without volunteers.

Could you spare some time to help us please? We try and use the pool every day in the following sessions:

  • 9-11 (particularly Mondays)

  • 11-12                   

  • 1.45-3

Any help would be really welcome, please let us know via bamptonadmin@swsf.org or call 01398 331121.