Autumn Term In Squirrel Class

Welcome to Squirrel ClassYear 1 & Year 2: Mr Devereaux

We will be updating this page soon with news from this term!

Part of our class and school ethos is believing, belonging and becoming. These three B’s are part of our everyday approach to learning and school life. Below are just a few examples of what these three B’s mean to us in Squirrel Class.


We may believe in helping each other, working hard to achieve the best we can, supporting others when we may need help in class, around the school and in the wider community. We believe in following our Church of England Values.


We belong to many groups, such as: our class, our school, clubs, our friends, our family, the wider community, England and the world.


We believe in striving to achieve and aspire to everyday wonders and future ambitions. We experience a wide range of curriculum subjects in Year 1 and 2 to inspire children to wonder about the world and what they could become when they grow up.

Here is the curriculum plan for autumn term 2019

Autumn Term Curriculum Squirrel Class