Welcome to the Summer Term in Fox Class

We are Years 3 and 4 and our teacher is Miss Lancelles.

In Fox Class we become more independent learners.

We “aim high by trying our best in everything that we do” and we don’t give up, even if we find things difficult. We show a passion and enthusiasm for learning as we start to piece our learning together and build on what we already know.

We are “kind”, “polite” and “helpful”. We are “honest” and “friendly” and we “support each other”. We “respect each other” and we respect our learning environment.
In our class we enjoy practical learning and we love sport and science


What do the 3Bs mean to Fox Class?

“We believe in ourselves.”

“We believe in others.”

“We believe we can do our best.”

“We believe that everyone will become something.”

“We believe that we can become anything.”

“We belong to each other.”

“We belong to our school.”

“We belong to Fox Class.”

“We become better at what we do by learning from mistakes.”

“We become strong and healthy by eating and exercising.”



Below is our curriculum plan and other information sent  home with parents and carers.

If you would like more information on our curriculum, you can contact either the class teacher or our head teacher, Mr Bladon.

To do this, simply email bamptonstaff@alumnismat.org

Or call the school office on 01398 331121.

We are very excited to be starting our new C360 curriculum topics this half term. Our new topic in Fox Class for the first half of the summer term is called Predator. 

This topic is all about predatory animals and has a science focus. We will be learning about different predatory plants, insects, birds and aquatic predators.

We  have lots of  exciting learning opportunities planned and at the end of the topic we will be using what we have learned to create the ultimate predator.



With the arrival of our new bespoke exercise books, we have been reflecting as a class on how we can take pride in our work and Aim High with our learning. We have collaboratively come up with a class agreement for presentation to work alongside our class charter which we created at the start of the academic year.

In literacy, we have been writing descriptive poetry about birds of prey. We have been developing our use of interesting and powerful vocabulary.

In maths, we are developing our oracy skills and thinking about how we can use mathematical language to explain our understanding in a clear way.

We are really enjoying our new C360 topic all about predators. The children have been really inspired by the learning so far, engaging in thoughtful and stimulating class discussions and demonstrating high levels of enthusiasm. They can't wait to be innovators and create their own ultimate predators at the end of the topic.


This half term we are focusing on the school value of Friendship and the character virtues of Friendliness, Caring and Determination. We are learning about what these virtues mean and examples of what they might look like in more detail through collective worship (Character Taught). We are always looking out for and celebrating any examples of our virtues being demonstrated by children and adults in our class and around school (Character Caught). For our enrichment this half term, we are being Inspiring Skill Builders (Character Sought). We are learning how to create stop motion animations. We are working together in groups to plan all aspects of our own short animation from the story and the video itself to the sound effects.  Not only is this an opportunity to develop a new skill but we will also be able to put into practice and develop our character virtues.


We were really excited to receive our brand new Chromebooks last half term in Fox Class. The children are acquiring new skills everyday as they learn how to use this technology. It is fantastic to be able to try out new ways of learning and the opportunities to present our learning in a more creative way are endless. Already, we have used them to record more practical learning through taking photos, to complete learning tasks collaboratively and to conduct lots of research with a vast range of learning resources at our fingertips. The children are also really excited to use our Chromebooks for our enrichment project to create animations which in the future we hope to use as an innovative way to record and share our learning, both in school and with our parents, carers and families. 


In Fox Class, we have been thinking about how we can be Inspiring Changemakers in our school. We have recently been thinking about democracy as we elected our two new school council members. We also enjoyed making connections with the wider local community at the start of this half term when we had a virtual talk from Exmoor Zoo. It was fantastic to be able to support a local business and the talk really engaged the children with our new C360 topic Predator. The children were able to see real life
examples of predators and find out more about adaptations that make them a good predator. We were Inspiring Researchers and demonstrated our virtue of Curiosity through all of the thoughtful questions that we asked.