Autumn Term In Fox Class

We are Years 3 and 4 and our teacher is Miss Lancelles.

We enjoy working hard in our curriculum subjects, having a go at new things - and trying new experiences, but having fun with our learning is the MOST important thing!

We will be updating this page soon with news from this term!

We take pride our class and our work as we all want to be successful learners!

Part of our class and school ethos is Believing, Belonging and Becoming. These three B's are part of our everyday approach to learning and school life. 



We believe in helping each other, working hard to achieve the best, being the best that we can be and  following our Church of England Values.


We belong to many groups, such as: our class, our school, clubs, our friendship groups, our family, the wider community, England and the world.


We believe we can become whatever we strive for or set our hearts to be, and we hope to achieve many things in our lives.

We hope that all parents and carers will free to pop in to see our class and how we learn  as we are a vibrant and welcoming class and we would love to have you visit!


Here are the Autumn Term documents:



Internet Safety

The children in Fox Class have been learning about how to stay safe when using the Internet.

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Primary games (maths)