Welcome to the Summer Term in Fox Class



We are Fox Class and our teacher is Miss Lancelles.


In Fox Class we become more independent learners.

We “aim high by trying our best in everything that we do” and we don’t give up, even if we find things difficult. We show a passion and enthusiasm for learning as we start to piece our learning together and build on what we already know.

We are “kind”, “polite” and “helpful”. We are “honest” and “friendly” and we “support each other”. We “respect each other” and we respect our learning environment.
In our class we enjoy practical learning and we love sport and science


This half term we will be continuing with our previous C360 curriculum topic, Scrumddidlyumptious, for 2 weeks before moving onto our new curriculum topic, Urban Pioneers, for the rest of the term. Within our new topic, Urban Pionners, we will be learning all about life in the city. We will find out about and create our own urban art as well as investigating cities from around the world and how they have changed over time. Our science learning will also link to our topic as we will be finding out about light and shadows. We will link our literacy learning to the text ‘Emil and the Detectives’ and we will also use a short animated film to inspire our writing, as well as a wide range of non-fiction texts. You can find out more about our topic and what will be covered across each subject in our usual topic web and your child will also bring home a knowledge organiser for the topic. These detail key facts and knowledge that we want the children to learn through their topic work. We will use these to revisit learning throughout the topic and they are also an excellent tool to support learning between school and home.

In Character Education this half term, we will continue to focus on the virtues of Compassion, Aspiration & Leadership, Creativity and Service.


Please ensure that your child checks that they have the following each day:

  • A water bottle that can be filled up from the classroom tap.
  • Their reading book and reading diary which will be brought into school daily.
  • Their Chromebook which must be charged and brought into school each day.
  • A healthy snack (please remember that we are a nut free school)
  • Our PE day is on a Tuesday. Please ensure that your child wears their PE kit to school on this day.
  • As we move into the summer months, if it is due to be a sunny day please could your child bring in a hat and have an application of sun cream.

Items from home

I know that sometimes children like to bring in something special from home to share with other children in the class as a ‘show and tell’ item. These items should be given to me until it is time to show them, to ensure that they remain safe. I would be really grateful if you could reinforce this message with your child as it isn’t nice for them to be upset when special things get lost/broken. Please note that ‘show and tell’ is the only time when children should be bringing items in from home.



Some of our PE sessions may be outdoors this term. As stated above, we will have our PE lessons on a Tuesday, so the children will need to come to school dressed appropriately without having the need of a separate PE kit bag left in school.  We require that jewellery, including earrings and studs, be removed for P.E. and related activities for health and safety reasons.


Year 3 and 4 Spellings

A list of spellings are given out every week based on the national curriculum or particular spelling strategies being learnt in class that week. I then test the children on these spellings the following Friday. We will be regularly learning, practising and testing these words so that they become completely internalised by the child. Children should be able to apply their spellings to their own written work and not just in an isolated test. For their spelling home learning tasks, they should learn their words that are stuck into their reading diaries weekly. They will then highlight any words on their list that were incorrect so that you (and they) can see which words to keep practising.


Times Tables

Children should learn their table facts as often as possible, through recall, counting up and back in that multiple and, when confident, learning any corresponding division facts. I will hand out a new times table list each Friday and test the children on these on the following Friday. Children should also log in to Times Table Rockstars and aim to practice times tables regularly for three minutes a day at least four times a week, as this is more effective than practising for the same total duration once a week. Year 4 parents, please also look out for details of the multiplication tables check which I will send home soon.


Daily Reading

Your child will bring home a reading book every day to share with you. I would like to take this opportunity to stress how important it is that you read with your child for 10-15 minutes each day, then sign the reading diary and make any necessary comments. I aim to check the diaries on a daily basis. It is very beneficial for your child to read to an adult regularly which will build their knowledge of different words and help them gain confidence with their reading. Please ensure that you discuss their understanding of the text. There is a regular reading raffle in school which children who have been reading regularly at home will be entered into.


School Kit

Please ensure that all your child’s clothes and belongings are clearly named, this includes PE kits and shoes.

I’m sure that the remainder of the Summer Term will be enjoyable for all the children, staff and parents associated with Fox class. Do keep an eye on Twitter to see our class’ learning and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns or questions.



Below is our curriculum plan and other information sent  home with parents and carers.  If you would like more information on our curriculum, you can contact either the class teacher or our head teacher, Mr Bladon.

To do this, simply email bamptonstaff@alumnismat.org  or call the school office on 01398 331121.