Children in KS2 enjoyed a ‘So you want to be an astronaut?’ workshop run by Jo Richardson from Space Detectives.

The children learned about what skills it takes to become an astronaut and then had a go at applying these in the different activities. Activities included testing their ability to stay calm under pressure by reading words in a slightly different way, seeing how well they could work as a team by completing a course whilst wearing a blindfold, testing their mental agility and fitness by reciting numbers backwards whilst doing step ups and . They even got to experience what it is like on board the ISS through the use of virtual reality. 

“I enjoyed the VR, it almost confused my brain” Alfie (Fox)
“I liked the VR because it was quite hard to move and it shows you what is inside the space station” Ruan (Fox)
“It was fun. There were lots of different things you could do and the skills could be used for anything” Maya (Stag)
“It was just amazing. It teaches you some lessons about how to be an astronaut” William (Fox)
“It was a good way to know what astronauts have to go through to train to be an astronaut” Elliott (Stag)

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