We love being part of Stag class! We are made up of 12 year 6 sixes and 16 year fives. Our teacher is called Mrs Chesterfield and our TA is called Miss Fairchild. We also have Mr Bashford with us this year, who is training to become a teacher. We have many responsibilities now that we are in Upper Key Stage 2, such as playground leaders, hall monitors and lunch time helpers.

Part of our class and school ethos is believing, belonging and becoming. These three B's are part of our every day approach to learning and school life. Below are just a few examples of what these three B's mean to us in Stag Class...


We may believe in working hard, helping others, supporting each other when we need help and believing in following our Church Of England values.


We belong to many groups, such as: our school, a club, scouts church, our wider community, England and Europe.


Our children can become whatever they strive for, some our children expressed an interest in becoming teachers, doctors, farmers and carpenters. Others expressed that they wanted to become someone who is caring and helpful.

Our topic this term is Harmony and Conflict, where we will mainly be focusing on World War 2. Below you can find some further information about our topic the term ahead.

Please feel free to speak to me after school if you have any queries or if you are unable to do this please e-mail or phone and I will get back to you.

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