As part of the Alumnis Multi Academy Trust, we invest in age-appropriate bespoke exercise books and knowledge organisers for our children, which support them with their learning.

These bespoke exercise books are aesthetically pleasing to the children. This, combined with the knowledge that the books have been specifically designed for them as valued members of the school community, give the children an additional sense of pride about their learning and the work they produce, in turn encouraging them to demonstrate high-quality presentation of their work.

The bespoke exercise books are structured to support our teachers and support staff to provide high quality, consistent marking and feedback, with opportunities for children to record how they feel about their learning as well as their understanding of the feedback they have been given. This high-quality reciprocal feedback helps the children embed the knowledge and skills they have gained, understand the progress they are making over time and give them a clear understanding of expectations with regard to the next steps in their learning. This also helps them to be able to articulate their learning, understanding and progress.