At Bampton C of E Primary School, we provide children with a wide range of enrichment opportunities and activities as they progress through their education that further enrich and enhance our C360 curriculum and Character Education programme.


Character Education
Our Character Education programme provides children with weekly enrichment projects, enabling them to experience learning in a ‘real life’ context to develop their personal growth and understand how they can become local and global changemakers, making a real difference to their local and wider community. Click here to read more about Character Education in or school.



Children from Year 2 to Year 6 are given the opportunity to take part in a residential visit each year. These visits are designed to develop children's independence, increasing in length each year, whilst giving them rich experiences as they learn together about the history and geography of the world around them. these residentials are extremely rich content and develop children’s sense of belonging to wider society and encourage them to become inspiring global changemakers.


School Life

Throughout their school life, children at Bampton School are provided with a wide range of opportunities of enrichment. Whether they be sports, artistic or community activities, these enrichment opportunities aim to celebrate every child's uniqueness, whilst challenging them
to take on new experiences and develop teamwork and cooperation skills.


Here's a further list of just some of the enrichment activities our children take part in:

~    Youth Speaks challenge

~    The Exmoor Walking Challenge

~    The Wellington Maths challenge

~    Woodland Activities

~    Gardening Activities

~    Swimming in the school’s own heated, covered swimming pool

~    Swimming lessons at Tiverton Swimming Pool

~    Sporting events with other schools in the local learning community

~    Curriculum Class Visits such as WW2 Days, Evacuee visitors to the school

~    Enrichment days such as Chinese dance performances and Circus Skills events

~    Daily acts of Collective Worship

~    School Council participation and subsequent initiatives

~    Fundraising and awareness (ie Tiverton Church Housing Action Team, Global Edukid etc)

~    Links to school in Thika, in Africa

~    Playground Leaders

~    Lunchtime Leaders

~    Cleaning Crew

~    Sports leaders

~    IT Team

~    Church Services Participation and Leading (Harvest, Christmas and Easter)

~    Visiting and supporting local nursing homes

~    Participation in the Tiverton Lantern parade with the local learning community


And we are always working with our community partners to seek further enrichment opportunities for our children.