Welcome to the Spring Term in Squirrel Class

Part of our class and school ethos is believing, belonging and becoming. These three B’s are part of our everyday approach to learning and school life. Below are just a few examples of what these three B’s mean to us in Squirrel Class.



Here in Squirrel class we believe in each other and ourselves, working hard in order to achieve our goals.



We all belong in Squirrel class, as well as belonging to many other groups, such as: Bampton CE Primary School, The Alumnis Mat, school clubs, our friendship groups, our family, our local area of Bampton and the wider world.



By following the School values and trying our hardest, we believe that we can become whatever we strive for, overcoming all challenges in our lives.


COVID, rules and expectations

The expectations will be made clear to the children in a safe and friendly way to keep the classroom and school germ free.   The children will be expected to wear their full school uniform, however if you could please dress your child in full PE kit on their PE days (please see letter above to see our PE days).

We will be ensuring they all regularly wash their hands and that cleaning happens throughout the day of school equipment. The schools high expectations of behaviour will remain the same.

If you could please send your children in with limited items as all of the small steps we take will help to keep our school germ free. Any items you do send into school please make sure it is labelled clearly for example their jumpers or hats.