Dear Parents and Carers

It has been such a pleasure walking round the school over the last few weeks, celebrating the very rapid progress that the children in every class are making. Each time I walk into a class, I am blown away by the children's enthusiasm for learning, their pride in their work and their support of one another.  The staff are purposeful, driven and creative and take such great pleasure in their pupil's success.  Every visitor - either a professional or a potential parent - comments on how calm and focused the classes are.  I absolutely love showing people around this school and sharing our 'Bamptoness' and am super proud of our team.  If you know of anyone who would like to have a look around - do please send them our way.  I am always more than happy to show off what a great school we have! 

In order to deliver so brilliantly, staff are on a very intense programme of training in Phonics, Maths Mastery, Art and Music, History and Early Years, as well as supporting children with additional or social and emotional needs.  They also tirelessly offer lunchtime and after-school clubs and organise trips to ensure the children have a wide range of extra curricular opportunities. We are so lucky to have such a dedicated team who are so keen to develop their own learning and set such a great example to our pupils. 

Meaningful learning happens in all sorts of ways and last Friday, for our circus skills workshops, Lucas Jet filled the hall with his juggling balls, balance bars and diabolos. The children were in turn enthralled, frustrated and overjoyed while trying out their circus skills but every child, even the Fieldmice, got to have a go.  They had a lovely time and his show at the end was super exciting - although I had to watch most of it with my heart in my mouth! 

It was a wonderful way to end the week and the feedback from those of you who were able to attend was fantastic.  In the future, these are the times that the children will look back on with fondness as they remember what fun they had at Bampton Primary! 

It was such a pleasure to take the Yr 5/6 girls to the Tag Rugby tournament at Tiverton High School yesterday.  The girls were on top form and came first in their group against four other schools.  Very well done to them all and many thanks to Mrs Bray for accompanying us. 

Just another reminder that Breakfast club is up and running every day from 8am and can be booked through the school money app.

Have a wonderful weekend

Best wishes

Lully Newman

Head Teacher


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Please see below the attendance percentages for each class, calculated from the beginning of the term up to and including 25th January 2024.

Hedgehog Class 93.5% 
Squirrel Class 95.4%
Fox Class 96.3% 
Stag Class 91.7%



Week Begining 29th January 2024


KS2 Fencing


R KS1 Sewing club with Mrs Johnstone


R, KS1 & KS2 Eco club with Mrs Newman


KS2 Art Club with Laura Grant, Year 6 Cuppa Club with Mrs Chant/Mr McCutcheon, R, KS1 & KS2 Forest School run by Primary Forest Education


Gymnastic club, Premier Sports

Week Begining 5th February 2024


KS2 Fencing


R KS1 Sewing club with Mrs Johnstone


R, KS1 & KS2 Eco club with Mrs Newman


KS2 Art Club with Laura Grant, Year 6 Cuppa Club with Mrs Chant/Mr McCutcheon, R, KS1 & KS2 Forest School run by Primary Forest Education


Gymnastic club, Premier Sports, Home Clothes day, PTFA Valentines Disco 


9th February 2024

Home Clothes day to support the PTFA Valentines Disco

9th February 2024

PTFA Valentines Disco – School hall

12th – 16th February 2024

Spring half term

29th February 2024

Y5-6 Boys Tag Rugby 6 a side THS

7th March 2024

World Book day

14th March 2024

Y3-4 Mixed Football 6 a side THS

8th – 17th March 2024

Science Week

17th March 2024

Sports relief

29th March – 12 April 2024

Easter Holidays

4th May 2024

Exmoor Challenge

7th-8th May 2024

Fox Class Hooke Court Residential

24th May 2024

Inset Day

27th -31st May 2024

Half Term

6th June 2024

KS2 Muller Trip

25th,26th, 27th June 2024

Year 6 THS Transition days

8th -12th July 2024

Stag Grenville House Residential

25th July 2024

Yr 6 Leavers Assembly

Stag Class Highest Score John
Stag Class Amazing Effort Eben
Fox Class Highest Score Max
Fox Class Amazing Effort Rory
Squirrel Class Highest Score Cooper
Squirrel Class Amazing Effort Mabel

Here are this week’s Times Table Rockstars, Superstars! We would like everyone to celebrate our top scorers and those who have made amazing efforts. All staff have been so impressed with children’s enthusiasm and determination to improve their times tables knowledge. If your child’s name is mentioned in the newsletter, then there is a 3 house point reward! Your child has a Times Table Rockstar login, which can be used at home too.

Good luck everyone!

Here are the learning, activities and events that have been happening in school over the past fortnight.

Our Character Education Focus Virtues this term


Fieldmice Class:

The children have been enjoying exploring different colours through lots of sensory experiences such as coloured foam and playdough. They explored different colours and puffy paint, and the children really enjoyed watching their paintings puff up in the microwave. Our book this week has been ' We’re going on a bear hunt’, and the children have loved retelling the story outside. Last week the children had the opportunity to take part in our circus workshop which they were very excited to participate in. They loved having a go especially with the spinning plates.


Hedgehog Class:

We have been investigating the composition of the number 5 in maths and linking it with our expressive arts.  In music we have been learning to accompany 2 songs using the glockenspiel and in art we have been looking at and copying the work of Vincent Van Gogh.  We also had great fun investigating different coloured ice during the cold snap.


Squirrel Class:

demonstrated the character virtues of creativity and reflection this week. We have been developing our painting skills using watercolours, learning how to use new techniques such as ‘wet on wet’ and building pictures using collage and pen on our paintings. In computing we have created several pieces of work in the styles of various artists using We had great discussions about which techniques we preferred and what we had learned. In Maths we have been practising our 2 times tables. Well done to all those children that have logged onto TTRockstars at home to continue their learning


Fox Class:

have demonstrated the Character virtues of curiosity and creativity. Over the last two weeks, Fox class have experienced a fantastic circus skills workshop, where everyone tried all of the activities. It was a delight to see their enjoyment and curiosity to understand how the circus tools worked. Some very lucky members of Fox class were also chosen to participate in the circus show in assembly!

Everyone in Fox class has started to learn about our focus artist Henri Matisse. They have created beautiful art pages reflecting Matisse’s bright colours. I have been very impressed with how they have written their thoughts and ideas about a variety of his artwork.


Stag Class:

demonstrated creativity during their Art lessons over the last two weeks, creating some phenomenal work through the medium of monotype printing, responding to the poem ‘The Tyger’ by William Blake. It has been amazing to watch the children experiment and produce really individual pieces of work; I am looking forward to seeing how they put it all together as we move towards creating our final piece.

Massive congratulations to the Year 5 and 6 girls who won the Tag Rugby event at Tiverton High School on Friday! Another sporting success!

Field Mice

For demonstrating our school values of confidence and friendliness. Victoria, has demonstrated confidence in every lesson, as she is keen to explain to the class how she has solved a problem. She also shows friendliness to others by including everyone in class discussions and being a kind friend on the playground. Well done Victoria!




For demonstrating the virtue of motivation. Ethan has been making super progress with his phonics, both with reading and writing. He has also been very kind to our younger members of class. Well done Ethan



For showing the character virtues of confidence and creativity.  Eleanor attended sewing club as the only Reception child this week and was amazing!  She was very independent, polite and performed the task with great skill. Well done Eleanor!




For showing the character virtue of creativity and curiosity. This week we have been very impressed with Maria’s writing. She used excellent vocabulary in her calligram about frost and in maths has been practising her times tables on TTRockstars.




For showing the character virtues of motivation and confidence. Mabel has been practicing her times tables at home on TTRockstars. She has also made great progress in reading and it is lovely to hear her reading independently in the mornings with increased confidence.





Kolbie has demonstrated the character virtues of volunteering and friendliness. He has settled amazingly well back into Bampton School and is thoughtful and considerate of others. Kolbie volunteers for jobs and answering questions—especially in French. Brilliant, Kolbie!




Max has demonstrated the character virtues of curiosity and determination. He reads avidly and wants to know more about every subject. Max is our top scorer this week in TTRS, and is also has a fantastic word count on Accelerated Reader (420,000)! He is a great role model.




For demonstrating motivation in his independent reading. Tommy now has such a positive attitude towards reading, and is racing through books at pace. This is reflected in his AR scores: his reading age has progressed by an incredible 1 year and 8 months since September! Well done Tommy.




For demonstrating curiosity in all her learning. Saskia has been incredibly engaged during all our lessons, constantly ready to share her ideas. The progress in her writing – both the content and the handwriting itself – since the start of the year, is absolutely amazing. Saskia has also created some stunning monotype prints in our Art lessons this term.

Well done Everybody


The PTFA is made up of parents, carers, teachers, and friends of Bampton School with a shared interest in raising funds for equipment, resources, and activities to enhance the children’s learning experience.


We meet monthly to discuss how we as a school community can develop and improve school facilities and students’ opportunities, through planning fundraising events such as Bingo events, the Christmas Community Evening, Easter Extravaganza etc.


We welcome new and old members and are hoping for more support in the coming months. If you can help in any way, or would like more information on the work we do then please contact or look out for meeting dates on the school website, posters around the school or for notes in your child’s book bag.                                                                                                                                                                                                               

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